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BellaDati allows you to export Dashboards into:

  • PDF
  • PPT
  • Excel

To export:

  1. Make sure that you are in Dashboard viewing mode (if not hit Finish editing green button in upper right corner of your screen)
  2. Click Export from action menu in upper right corner


Emailing dashboard

Select Schedule email from report toolbox list to open Send report as e-mail dialog.

Dialog allows you to:

  • Create Subject.
  • Add Recipients.
  • Add Recipients groups.
  • Set up Frequency of delivery.
  • Append Message.
  • Select if report should be attached as attachment (if the checkbox is not selected, report content is in the email body - only tables and KPIs can be included).
  • Select Export typeSize and Orientation.





 You can also send multiple dashboards via one email. For more info proceed to Export schedule.

Fullscreen mode

Choose option Fullscreen from report toolbox list to enter fullscreen mode, which will display only the report itself. This mode should be used mainly for presentation of dashboards.


Fullscreen mode is available only in following browsers:

  • Firefox 10 and newer versions
  •  Chrome 15 and newer versions
  • Opera 12.1 and newer versions
  • Internet Explorer 11

Next Steps