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Export allows you to store reports or views permanently outside of BellaDati for your own presentation or specific analysis.

Export option is available for Chart, Table and KPI label view.

You can access Export option from the toolbox in the upper right corner of the view.

Export dialog offers exporting view to following file formats:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Embed to page - continue by Sharing Report for more details.

Export to Microsoft Power Point is only available for the whole report.


Exporting to PDF

Set Export type to PDF.

Export view dialog allows you to set:

  • Size: Available options include: A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  • Orientation: Available options include: Portrait and Landscape.

Exporting to PNG

Set Export type to PNG.

Export view dialog allows you to set:

  • Image Width
  • Image Height

Exporting to Microsoft Excel

Set Export type to Microsoft Excel.

Export to Microsoft Excel option is available only for Table view type.

Maximum table rows count in the export is currently limited to 1000 due to performance reasons. This limit can be raised for BellaDati Enterprise tariffs or licenses.

Publishing View

Publishing allows you to embedd existing views to your web based application, company extranet or publicly on the Internet. You can choose if the reports should be displayed with or without the need of being logged in.

Set Export type to Embed to page. You can select from the following window sizes:

  • Small: (250x180)
  • Medium: (500x300)
  • Large: (fits window width)

BellaDati will generate iFrame object you can insert into your page or portal.

From Export view dialog you can also:

  • Show generated iFrame object in the new tab or window.
  • Change the size of generated object.

Domain option "Public sharing" must be enabled to allow public sharing. It is recommended to test iFrames on another computer, browser or after logout.

Customization parameters


Disables displaying of the source report link in the iFrame


Disables displaying of report header in the iFrame

Stylesheet customization

It it also possible to change the style of the view by passing custom css or stylesheet inside the URL.

CSS?css=.dashletHeader { background: lightgreen}



See also complete REST API documentation for detailed information about BellaDati platform embedding options.

Video Tutorial


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