Folders in BellaDati serve for grouping of reports, dashboards and data sets. These groups can be used to distinguish different areas of your reports (g.e. finance, HR..). 


    In the all files folder are included all the reports, dashboards and data sets which are shared with you.

    Create new folder

    1. Click button New folder.
    2. Give a name to this folder.
    3. Click button Create to create new folder.

    Inside one folder can be also created any number of subfolders.


    Add content into the folder

    1. Grab desired report, dashboard or data set with your mouse.
    2. Drop it above the selected folder.


    One report, dashboard and data set can be added only to one folder.



    You can change way how the list is displayed  (name list or list with previews) in the top right corner.

    Delete folder

    Folder can be deleted by hitting a click on the trash icon displayed next to each folder.

    Create report into the folder

    In order to create new report directly into selected folder should be followed these steps:

    1. Hit a click on button Create report
    2. Set report name
    3. Select data set this report will be based on
    4. Select folder into which newly created report will be added


    Next steps: