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BellaDati let you limit access to Attributes only for selected users or user groups.

Adding Access Rights


Note, that by default Attributes have Global Permission. Every user with access to data set has access to its attributes.

In order to assign access rights, navigate to Data Set and select Attributes in Settings. Click on lock icon in row indicating the attribute. 

  • Switch between User and User Groups tab.
  • Search User or User Group name(s).
  • Click Add.


When Attribute has assigned access rights at least to one user, it looses Global Permission and becomes restricted to other users.

Removing Access Right

To remove access right for particular user:

  • Switch between User and User Groups tab.
  • Click on cross icon next to User name.

Setting Permission Filter (Lookup Table)


Permission filters allow you to define portion of the data (filter) which will be available to logged in user. Permission filters are always set up on particular attribute and has to correspond with user profile information.

In order to create Permission filter, click on Filter icon next to desired attribute.

  1. Check Use filter
  2. Select filtering condition (equals / not equal to)
  3. Select user profile parameter (username / email / name / surname)
  4. Choose lookup table if you want to filter by advanced parameters stored in dataset
  5. Pick matching attribute and filter attribute

In this case, there should be created different data set which contains profile parameter (username / email / name / surname) and filter attribute (g.e. department, company, etc.)

For example scenario with detailed steps how to create attribute filter proceed to Dynamic Data Level Access - Use Case.

Next Steps