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Mass mailing serves allows you to send emails to all users in the domain (or across domains in multitenant environment).

To access mass mailing page, hover your mouse over menu item Users and choose option Send email.

Only domain administrator or global administrator have permissions to use mass mailing.

This page allows you to:

  • Select checkbox Send to all to send email to all users in the domain (or all users across domains)
  • Select checkbox User login alert to send notification email to non-active users
  • Select Domains to which email will be sent
  • Select Users to who the email will be sent
  • Add Subject of the email
  • Add Message for recepients

Click button Continue to see email overview.

On the email overview page, there you can see email message and all the recipients to who this email will be sent. Press button Send to send this email.


Email is customised according to domain settings.

User login alert

  1. Select option User login alert
  2. Define date of last login - users who logged in before this date will receive login alert
    1. If "Last login" is specified then recipient will be each user with last login date before given datetime or with NULL as last login date (never logged-in). If this datetime is not specified then recipient will be only user with NULL as last login date (never logged-in).
  3. Define subject and message of login alert email