It is recommended to get familiar with Report Variables.

    Basic information

    Variables can be used in many ways in BellaDati. In some cases it might be required to open report or dashboard with values of variable already set. When only one value is needed, default value of variable can be used. If the value needs to be set dynamically, passing parameteres in URL is the best option.

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    Passing parameteres in URL

    This example shows how to add variable to indicator formula and then set its value through URL.

    1. Create new report
    2. Open Variables and filter panel
    3. Add new number variable identified as "var" and click on Save.
    4. Add new table
      1. Add formula indicator - see example formula below. Then click on Save.

      2. Add drill-down and save the table and also the report. Since default value of variable is not set, the indicator values should be empty.
    5. Add some value to variable and click on Save. Correct table should be now displayed.
    6. Value of this variable can be set by opening this URL: https://URL/bi/report/detail/IDofReport?var=20
      1. URL - URL (IP) of your BellaDati installation
      2. IDofReport - numerical ID of report (for example 279)

    Passing parameter in embed view

    It is also posssible to pass a value of variable into embed view (iframe).

    1. The scenario is the same as in report. In this example a text variable "text" is used in KPI label.
    2. Create new embed view by clicking on export icon and selecting embed code.
    3. Click on "Show as external page".
    4. Add code "text=custom text variable" at the end of the URL and click on Enter. The value should be now displayed.

    Passing parameter in dashboard

    1. Add view with variable in dashboard. The same view with variable "text" is used in this example.
    2. Add code "text=another example" at the end of the URL and click on Enter. The value should be now displayed.


    Passing Filter Parameters

    Filter parameters can be passed in the same way as variables.

    1. In order to set the filter parameter, go to Variables panel and select option Edit.
    2. Select type filter define filter code and click button Add.
    3. This filter code can be used to pass filter parameters in the URL. The URL should look like following: https://URL/bi/report/detail/IDofReport?parameter1=Czech Republic
    4. In case you would like to change the filter code, go to advanced settings of defined attribute filter:
    5. If you update the filter code, you should also reflect this code in the URL, so the URL should look like following: https://URL/bi/report/detail/IDofReport?country=Czech Republic

    Resetting Variables and Filters

    it is possible to reset the variables of the report (or dashboard) by using parameter resetVariables (e.g. https://URL/bi/report?resetVariables). Users can reset the variables and set new values at the same time (e. g. https://URL/bi/report?resetVariables&parameter1=value) 

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