Remote storage is available since BellaDati 2.9

    Remote storage enables to store Data set in a remote database instead of the database used by BellaDati. 


    Remote storage is currently available for these types of databases:

    DatabaseSince version
    MSSQL Server2.9.3.5


    setting up remote storage


    Please note that Remote storage functionality needs to be enabled in the license and in the domain.


    Remote storage can be set up only by domain administrator.

    Remote Storage can be configured for the whole domain or for each data set individually.

    Domain settings

    It is possible to set up a global remote storage for the whole domain. When used, all data sets will be stored in the selected database by default. 

    The remote storage can be enabled in the Advanced settings of the domain.

    As a next step, the user has to select an existing database connection or create a new one, by filling in the following information:

    • host
    • database
    • user
    • password

    After clicking on Continue, the Remote storage will be connected and it will be used as the default storage for all newly created data sets. Existing data set will remain unchanged, including the data. To apply the changes, the users need to sign out and sign in again.



    Data set settings

    Remote storage can be set up by opening Advanced settings in the Settings menu on Data Set detail page and clicking on Edit link in the Remote storage section.

    You can use already existing database connection or create a new connection to a database.


    Only PostgreSQL database of version 9.0 or newer is supported for Remote storage.


    Switching from Local to Remote storage and vice-versa will remove all data in the data set. Attributes, indicators and all other settings will remain unchanged.

    switching to local STORAGE

    To switch Data set using Remote storage to use Local storage (the database used by BellaDati) open Advanced settings in the Settings menu on Data Set detail page and clicking on Edit link in the Remote storage section.

    Under New storage setting check Set to local storage and hit Continue.

    Joined data sets

    When using remote storage, data set can be joined only with data sets located in the same remote storage.

    Using Microsoft SQL Server as Remote Storage


    This feature is available since BellaDati

    It is possible to use Microsoft SQL Server as remote storage. Currently, versions Server 2016 and Server 2017 are supported. When defining the database connection, users can switch from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL Server. Further steps are the same as when working with PostgreSQL. Currently, there are following known issues:

    • unsupported aggregations: median, all regression functions
    • unsupported functions: histogram
    • not supported features:
      • joining
      • partitioning
      • GIS
      • translation and appearance
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