Views can be also displayed as tabs - each tab contains selected views, users can navigate between tabs, filters are applied to all tabs.

    The default tab with all views is displayed only in Edit mode.

    Configuring report tabs


    You need to be in Edit mode to configure report tabs.

    1. Enter Edit mode
    2. Section with tabs is displayed at the top of the screen:
    3. Click green button with + to add new tab
    4. Newly displayed tab is empty - you can either add existing view, or create new view
    5. All report views can be accessed by clicking button all

    Managing Report tabs


    You need to be in Edit mode in order to manage report tabs

    1. In order to rename or delete report tab, you need to switch to Edit mode and click on the tab name.
    2. In newly displayed dialogue window you can
      • Change Name to edit displayed label
      • Click Delete to remove selected tab


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