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Reports in BellaDati serve for thorough data and trend analysis. Each report is composed of tables, charts, maps and KPI labels displaying data stored in data sets using various aggregations. Each report can also contain custom content, comments, attachments and can be easily shared with other BellaDati users, published to corporate intranet or public places. It is also possible to export each reports to PDF, Excel, PNG or Power Point. Additionally, regular exports sent via e-mail can also be scheduled.

The main purpose to work with reports is mainly for analysts who intend to drill-down accross large amounts of data in detail and then prepare selected figures for company managers.

Consider dashboards for the brief and fast continuous overview of trends by managers. Moreover dashboards allow to visually compare data from more reports and data set on a single page.

Only users with report editor role are allowed to manage the reports. If you don't have this role, please contact your BellaDati administrator.

In reports the following objects are defined and managed:

Following actions can be performed within reports: