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BellaDati can be configured to support Google oAuth2 users log-in.


This procedure is applicable in on-premise installations only.



  1. Existing Google Developers account in and project created.
  2. Enabled access to Google+ API

  3. Existing client application credentials (web application). Context for callback url is /auth/callback/google.

  4. If your BellaDati instance is running behind the proxy, you have to setup the JVM parameters -Dhttp.proxyHost, -Dhttp.proxyPort, eventually -Dhttp.proxyUsername and -Dhttp.proxyPassword. BellaDati server must have the access to the following domains: and

Enabling Google log-in

In order to enable the Google log-in on BellaDati log-in page, enter the application as Domain administrator, open the Application settings page, and do the following:

  1. Provide Google Client ID and Client Secret parameters
  2. Enable Google log-in

Make sure, that the Application URL parameter matches the URL you have entered in Google Developers Console.

Internet Explorer users must disable the pop-up blocking feature.