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Data set sharing functions are only available for the owners of the particular data set.

Data set sharing functions allows you to perform following actions:

  • Grant access to data for selected users or user groups
  • Allow access to data for all users in the domain globally
  • Optionally notify users about granted access to data sets
  • Restrict access to shared data at data level by defining the data filter for users and user groups

When you are setting up data set sharing for individual users or user groups, please distinguish following two access levels:

  • Read-only access: Only reports or dashboards can be created.
  • Full access: All functions except sharing and data set deleting are available.

As soon as the data set is shared with the user, he is able to create report and then dashboards based on shared data. In addition to that, users with full access can also manage the data set in the same way as it's owner except sharing settings or complete removal.

Data Set Filter

You can restrict access for selected users or user groups at data level. Eg. large companies can have more SBUs requiring the same data however each SBU management should have access only to the data concerned with their SBU. On the other side general management can still access aggregated data for all SBUs. Data set filter function allows you to restrict sharing only to records that contains selected members (eg. SBU or department name). All aggregations for these users is then available only on these data.

Please note that transformation (attributes and indicators) will be applied to all data in data set, even when the user does have access only to a part of the data.



Data set filter functions exactly the same as for report.

Data set member filter is not available for global data set sharing.
Always thoroughly plan member filter settings in connection with user roles and permissions! Otherwise data leakage may occur when sharing reports or dashboards based on this data set.

Data set sharing via Sharing console

BellaDati also allows you to see the list of data sets with users and user groups the data set is shared with. The list contains separate columns for data set owner, editors, read-only users, group editors, read only groups.


Only Domain administrator is allowed to access the Sharing console.


You can find Sharing console in the Users section. To access Sharing console:

  1. Point to the Users in the main menu and click the Sharing console item.
  2. Choose Data sets in the Actions box

To change the sharing settings click button Edit for selected data set.

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