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Do you have any issue with connecting to SQL database? Please answer following questions:

  1. Are you sure that you have set correct connection parameters?
  2. Are remote connections to MS SQL server allowed (please contact DB administrator)?
  3. Have you tried to access MS SQL through some other client from machine where BellaDati is running? If not, then try it. What was/is the result?
  4. Which kind of authentication mode is set in MS SQL server (please contact DB administrator)?
Without answers on questions above we can tell you following:
Possible problem can be authentication mode (4.question) that needs special parameter in connection string:
  1. Please set parameter "integratedSecurity" with value "true" a try to connect again.
  2. Please set parameter "integratedSecurity" with value "false" a try to connect again.

In case you still cannot connect to your MS SQL database, please contact create new ticket in BellaDati helpdesk.

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