Sometimes it is required to transfer reports from one BellaDati installation to another, from test enviroment to production etc. There are several ways how to do this in BellaDati:

    1. Report XML backup
    2. Data Set backup
    3. Domain backup
    4. BellaApps

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    Report XML backup

    Report XML backup is used for exporting the structure of the report. It contains the whole report without data. You can find the link Backup to file in top right menu under Export.

    Click Backup to file to create report XML backup. XML file will be promptly downloaded to your hard drive. After that you can restore this report on your data set by clicking on Import report from XML in left menu on data set page.


    Another option is to update already existing report from an XML file. This can be useful for example when you need to transfer changes done in testing environment to production environment.

    Data Set backup

    The following structures are included in this backup:

    • Data sets: attributes, indicators, indicator groups and their settings (appearance, format, formulas), data set owners, sharing settings
    • Data source settings
    • Alarms
    • Joins
    • Reports: Views (tables structure, chart types and their structure), report indicators, report owners, sharing settings.

    Data are not saved in this backup

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    Domain backup

    Domain backup allows you to store all domain information in XML format, except for data.

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    BellaApp is a package of selected dashboards and reports with related data connectors (data sets), which can be easily shared with other users and uploaded into BellaDati. It also contains data, but only first 10000 rows from data set.

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