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Translation is useful tool when you have imported data in one language but then you want to display your data in another language - eg. for presentation to managers. Then if you change the language in user profile or switch it in your browser, all the translated indicators will be displayed in new alternative language. Indicators without translation remain displayed the same way (unchanged).

Logout and repeated login to BellaDati may be needed to reflect language change.



Go to desired data set via data set menu.

  1. Select "Indicators" in the left submenu.
  2. Click on the translation icon at next to the name of selected indicator. A popup will appear. All existing translations of actual are displayed in the table below.
  3. Select the target language in "Language" drop-down box.
  4. Type translated name into "Translation" field.
  5. Click "Add" button. The new translation will be added to the table below.
  6. Choose another language and repeat the process or click "Close" to close popup.

To edit existing translation, please remove the actual translation first by clicking the cross icon at the end of corresponding row. Then add the translation again according instructions above.

Indicator traslation will not be reflected in views, where the indicator has been renamed before! See report indicator editing for details.

Next Steps