BellaDati allows you to monitor usage of reports and dashboards. Statistics is available in Usage monitoring dataset. In order to turn on usage monitoring:

    1. Go to Domain Settings
    2. Click on Statistics Dataset enabled

    BellaDati will generate Usage monitoring table in Datasets.


    This table contains following attributes:

    • AuthResult
    • AuthSource
    • Date
    • Time
    • DashboardId
    • DashboardName
    • DomainID
    • DomainName
    • Host (user's IP address)
    • ReportId
    • ReportName
    • Type (Open report, Open dashboard, Login, Logout, ScheduledImport, Import)
    • UserID
    • UserName
    • ViewID
    • ViewName
    • Source (Web, Mobile)
    • DataSetId
    • DataSetName
    • ImportResult
    • ImportDuration (in seconds)
    • DataSourceName
    • DataSourceExecutionId
    • ImportedRows



    Usage monitoring data sets can be used for creating custom reports for administrators. These report will enable administrators to check usage of the system. Continue to the example with detailed Monitoring of executed imports.


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