This feature is available since BellaDati 2.9.4

    It is possible to define a custom renderer which will be used to display a specific chart. This renderer is defined in an extension. The user then has the option to select the renderer in chart appearance settings.

    Please note that the custom renderer will work only on a specific type of chart. Using an incorrect type of renderer can cause errors in the report.

    Custom Renderer Setup

    To be able to use custom renderer, user has to follow these steps:

    1. Import an extension containing a custom renderer. You can download our demo custom renderer for speedometer from here.
    2. Activate the extension.

    Using Custom Renderer

    Once the extension with custom renderer is activated, users can navigate to a report containing the correct type of chart and select the renderer in chart appearance settings.

    1. Open report containing the chart.
    2. Open chart appearance settings.
    3. Select custom chart renderer.
    4. Save the settings.

    Custom Renderer in Public Report

    To be able to use custom renderer in public report, the extension must be public and available in all domains.


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