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Write-back is available since BellaDati 2.9

Write-back is functionality which allows the users to execute any SQL query after import execution. This can very useful when it is necessary to alter records in the source data database or track the result of the import in an external system.

Setting up write-back

Write-back can be defined on the data source page and each data source can have its own write-back. Write-back is set up in a few steps:

  1. Select Write-back conditions - users can select after which import result (success, success with errors, error etc.) should the write-back be executed. They can select more than one option.
  2. Select Type - currently only SQL write-back is available.
  3. Set up the connection to the database - existing or new connection can be used.
  4. Write SQL query


Users can see execution history after clicking on the last execution date.

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