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  1. Creating Report

    Only users with report editor role are allowed to create and manage the reports. Point to the Reports in main menu on the top of the screen and click "New report" item which will appear. Enter name of the new report. Select the data set you are going to analyze data from. Select Folder the report will be added
  2. Reports

    in BellaDati serve for thorough data and trend analysis. Each report is composed of tables, charts, maps and KPI labels displaying data stored in data sets using various aggregations. Each report can also contain custom content, comments, attachments and can be easily shared with other BellaDati users, published
  3. Sharing Report

    Data set sharing functions are only available for the owners of the particular report. Report sharing functions allow you to perform following actions: Grant access to the report for selected users or user groups; Optionally notify users about granted access to reports; Change the owner of the report
  4. Displaying Source Data

    -Datei exportieren. Verwandte Inhalte dataset report Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
  5. Copying Report

    You need to be in view mode in order to copy report. Select Copy report from the edit menu in the right sidebar to open Copy report dialog.   image2019-9-23 14:14:45.png Copy report dialog allows you to include in the copy of the report: Comments Attachments Copied report can be found in Reports
  6. Export schedule

    The report export page serves to schedule exports to FTP, dashboard email export or report email export. You can also manage all of these reports. This page is available only for domain administrator The report export page is accessible in the top menu
  7. Translating Reports

    With multilingual names support you can make your reports and views available in various languages.  You can just click on the desired report or view name … Unterstützung von mehrsprachigen Namen können Sie Ihre Reports und Ansichten in verschiedenen Sprachen zur Verfügung stellen. Sie können einfach auf den gewünschten
    BellaDatiOct 08, 2019
  8. Setting Date Interval

    Indicators Variables and Filters Exporting View Sharing Report Táto časť sa týka pohľadov. Predtým ako s ňou začnete sa uistite, že ste sa zoznámili  s … ďalej Adding Date Intervals Displaying Indicators Using Filters Exporting View Sharing Report このオプションはビューに関連しています。このセクションに進む前に、常にビューまたは特定のビュータイプ(表、チャート
    BellaDatiMar 04, 2020
  9. Exporting Report

    You need to be in view mode in order to export report. Export allows you to Save report, Publish it to dashboard or schedule Emailing. Click Export or select Save as document from report toolbox list in the upper right corner to open Export report dialog. report_export.png Export report dialog allows you
    BellaDatiMar 11, 2020
  10. Report History

    BellaDati has its own versioning system for reports. It is possible to restore previous version of report or undo and redo changes in particular view. Report History You can access previous versions of report from the sidebar by clicking on the history icon sidepanel-history.png. image2016-1-14 14:38:17.png