KPI labels allow you to clearly monitor important indicator values.

You need to be in edit mode in order to create new tables. Click on "Edit" in top report menu to activate edit mode.

To add a new KPI label, hover over free place and click on KPI label view type. The Add a KPI label dialog box will appear.

  1. Enter name of the new KPI label.

Confirm new KPI label view by clicking on green Add button. BellaDati will guide you through additional setup.

Text-based KPI labels

KPI label also allows displaying text values. Refer to formulas use case to learn more about text-based KPIs.

KPI label management

You can perform additional operations in upper right corner of the inserted KPI label view:

KPI label settings

Click on the toolbox icon to enter KPI label chart settings dialog.

KPI label chart settings dialog allows you to: