User directories allows administrators to easily connect their existing user base and map on user objects recognized by BellaDati.

This feature is available to users with Administrator role only.


In order to create a new User Directory Connector follow these few steps:

  1. Navigate to Users -> User directories menu

  2. Click "Create" button

    The dialog with available user directory connector types is displayed.

  3. Select the type for the new user directory connector and also the source. The following types are available:

  4. Set the appropriate connection parameters

  5. Define the mapping and additional options

    Following BellaDati parameters can be mapped:
    1. Login
    2. Password
    3. User group
    4. Name
    5. Surname
    6. Email
    7. Business Phone
    8. Domain - available in multi-domain mode only

User Directory Options

Create not existing usersIf enabled, users will be automatically created during synchronization
Update on loginIf enabled, after each login, user details will be updated. System will use the user's user directory to get his current details.
Update users with different user directoryIf enabled, existing users will be update even they are originally coming from different user directory.


Before running synchronization, we recommend to perform the dry run, which retrieves the user data from the remote system and performs the system integrity and constraints check.

When the run is successful, you can see the list of users and verification status:

There are several possible verification statuses:

Running Synchronization

You can start the synchronization by clicking the "Synchronize" button.