Stardriver application brings eCall notification service to your car. In case of a crash, your emergency contacts will receive an SMS notification with the crash location.

Besides that, the Stardriver monitors driving behavior (maneuvers, mileage and drive time) to derive the driving score and provides detail of your trips with trip route and locations of harsh events.

To achieve this, connect your retrofit plug to your car with this app via Bluetooth using your mobile phone. You should also have internet connection on your mobile phone. The same service is also extended to Your authorized driver, if any.

Other Stardriver features:
– Driving behavior statistics
– Driving score
– Driver ranking
– Trips overview
– Trip details

Drive safe with Stardriver!


1. Opening the App for the First Time

1.1 Validate Your Account

When using the app for the first time, you have to authenticate to the app with your user ID. Input fields are: user ID and birth date. Without entering a valid information, you won’t be able to use the app.

You can access your policy details in the insurance portal.

1.2 User Details

It is necessary to check your user details in the next step. User details are automatically pre-loaded from our database based on your insurance policy. You can still update the pre-loaded details based on your preferences. User details will be used in the eCall message sent to our call center in case of an accident.

1.3 Connect to Your Device

In the next step, there you will have to select your Bosch TEP120 plug by clicking on the name displayed in the app (the device has to be plugged into the 12V socket of your car and online). Next time, when you will be in the area where this device is active, the app will automatically connect to this device.

In case there’s no active device available, you can continue by clicking the button Continue without device.

Please be noted that in case you don’t select any device, you will need to manually connect to your plug in the app Settings before the app will mark this device as known device and will connect to it automatically.

2. Using the App

2.1  Home Screen

Home screen allows you to use concierge services – call service agent or emergency at the push of the button directly in the app.

2.2 Settings

Contract details, user settings, emergency contacts and known TEP120 devices can be changed on the screen Settings. In order to do that, click the related area.

2.3 Statistic

The screen Statistic provides an overview of collected driving events (hard braking, hard acceleration, sharp cornering), mileage and driving time.

2.4 Trips

The screen Trips provides an overview of your last 30 trips. After selecting one trip, trip detail can be accessed.

Trip detail provides the trip route, duration, mileage and statistic.


2.5 Ranking

Your driver ranking is derived based on your driving style, mileage and driving times.

3. User Scenarios

3.1 Connecting to the TEP

Once you are connected to the device, the application will automatically connect to this device. In order to keep the app running, it is necessary to have enabled all necessary permissions otherwise, an error message will be displayed in the app.

3.2 Errors

It is critical to make sure that the app has all the necessary access, smartphone is connected to the internet, etc. The application automatically checks all the settings and in case some permission is missing, the red stripe with errors is displayed on all the screens.

After clicking the stripe, screen with the list of permission details is displayed. The availability of following user permissions is automatically checked:

3.3 Connecting to a New Device

In some cases, you might need to disconnect from the current TEP device or connect to a new TEP device. In these cases navigate to the screen Settings and enter the section Connected device and

3.4 Changing the User Info

The user information (name and phone number) is used for the call back to the driver from the call center. In case you’ve changed your phone number or would like to use a different name, navigate to the section Settings and enter the section User details.

In this section, there you are allowed to change the username and contact phone number. Changes will be applied after clicking the button Save.

3.5 Changing the Contract Details

When you sign a new contract and the policy number changes, it is necessary to reset the current contract settings. In order to do that click the option Settings in the bottom menu, enter the section contract details and click the button Contract details.

After that, you will be prompted to enter new contract details and user info (similar to the first opening of the app).

3.6 Selecting emergency contacts

The screen Next of kin is used to select emergency contacts. In case you have an accident, these contacts will receive an automatic SMS message with the location of the car accident.

The screen Next of kin can be accessed from the app Settings.