Release date: March 5, 2019 


  • Administration - IoT Admin and User Manager roles
  • Report, Maps - Add option to change the location marker
  • Report, Maps - Add option to display points as a polyline
  • Data Set, Remote Storage - Add support for MSSQL V11
  • License - Enable a maximum number of views per user and domain
  • Domain administration - Add a parameter to disable notification window after login
  • Extensions - Allow setting order while using readDatasetData method in endpoint


  • Japanese translation improvements
  • German translation improvements
  • Data sources - Store passwords encrypted
  • Libraries - Upgrade Apache POI from 3.17 to 4.0.1
  • Data sources - Display custom connectors first in the list
  • Administration - Improvements for import of users from CSV
  • REST API, Filter Views - Improve support of operation COUNT
  • Dashboard - Don't add Getting started dashlet for users without any roles
  • Login URL - Enable access to the login page without customlogin in the URL
  • Export to Excel - Add support for charts, maps and KPIs
  • SQL Connector, Local Data Sets - Add support for SQL conditions
  • REST API, GET Report Comments - Add support for parameters offset and size
  • Users, Multi-domain mode - Global admin should not be able to create new objects
  • Administration - Create service, which will automatically delete old public.members_* table
  • Report, Time interval with datetime attribute - Use only time for availableFrom and availableTo
  • REST API - Move public.access_token_session_* to fixed table common.access_token_session
  • Domain restore - If attribute used in the join does not exist, display meaningful error in the log file
  • Unattended installation - Enable automatic load of the backup when the license ID is not specified


  • Email server with SSL not working
  • Windows Installer - Installation on new machines fail
  • Report, Email export - Large tables cause email is not sent
  • Report, Export - Very large tables are not exported to Excel
  • Administration, Send email - Login alert is sent to inactive users
  • Data set - Indicator codes are limited to 24 characters instead of 26
  • Report, View filter - Combination of COUNT and EQUALS does not work
  • Report group shared with user and with user group is not shared correctly
  • Report, Email export - Image names are wrong when special characters are used
  • XML Backup - When associated views point to a non-existing view backup cannot be created
  • Report, Formula sorting - If sorting table members_* is deleted, views are not rendered
  • User directory cannot be opened when the destination SQL server is not available
  • Administration - Restart cleanup does not restart cleanup but executes cleanup instead
  • Cleanup service - Execution is stopped when an error occurs during the execution


  • IoT Console 1.2
  • eCall Console 1.2.3