Logging Services

Logging in BellaDati is provided by the LogBack framework. The location of the system's log files containing diagnostic messages can be managed by specifying logs.location JVM option in your application server. The default location is logs directory relative to the path of where the logback file is extracted from belladati.war. This is not recommended for production deployments and logs.location JVM option should be always set.

Logs rotation

Each log is rotated on daily basis and also if the configured size of the log is reached (see below). Once the log is rotated it is kept for 7 days.

Change in BellaDati 2.9.17: When log files are rotated they are gzipped so logs take less space and can be kept for longer. To extend number of days logs are kept, set logs.maxHistory JVM option in your application server to desired number of days. In case the value is lowered (compared to previous size) the already outdated files need to be deleted manually as logback will not delete them on file rotation.

Following log files are generated by BellaDati:

TypeLocationFile size rotation
General log for BI{logs.location}/belladati/belladati.log100MB
Core - failed queries{logs.location}/belladati/core/ds-failed-queries.log50MB
Import nodes - stats {logs.location}/belladati/nodes/import-stat.log50MB
Import nodes - check {logs.location}/belladati/nodes/check.log50MB

If you encounter any issues using BellaDati or anything doesn't behave the way you were expecting, please append GZIP-ed log files for at least the first 3 types of logs to any issue you create at http://support.belladati.com.

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