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Lists all datasets available to the user.

Resource Information

Request Parameters





(Optional) If set, the result only contains data sets that contain the filter text in name.



(Optional) Specifies the page offset if pagination is necessary.



(Optional) Specifies the number of entries on each page if pagination is necessary.

  • size = 0 means, that the back-end is supposed to return total records count only. The returning object's size parameter then becomes the default value, which is 15
  • size =-1 is used to get to get all records
  • size >0 specifies the exact number of records to be retrieved

Response Structure

  "dataSets" : [ ],
  "offset" : 0,
  "size" : 100

JSON response contains 2 pagination elements (offset and size) but the main element is array "dataSets" that contains multiple data set objects with following definition:

idData set identifier
nameData set name
codeData set code
ownerOwner full name
descriptionData set description
lastChangeDate and time of data set last change

Localization object that contains key-value pairs, where key is code of supported language and value is localized data set name.

parameters(Optional) Array of data set parameters

Sample Request / Response

Using curl:

curl -H "Authorization: OAuth realm=\"\", oauth_consumer_key=\"myConsumer\", oauth_token=\"mh7an9dkrg59\", oauth_timestamp=\"135131231\", oauth_nonce=\"randomString\""

The JSON format response:

  "dataSets" : [
      "id" : 7497,
      "name" : "John's data set",
      "code" : "DATASET_CODE",
      "owner" : "John Smith",
      "localization" : {
        "de" : "Deutsch Name"
      "description" : "This is a sample data set.",
      "lastChange" : "Mon, 16 Apr 2012 10:17:26 GMT",
	  "parameters": [
          "param1": "value1"
          "param2": "value2"
  "offset" : 0,
  "size" : 100
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