This guide describes how to install BellaDati WAR using its built-in application server.

    Before you begin, make sure you have the right version of Java. See Installing Java for more details.

    1. Set up the Data Warehouse

    Please follow the instructions on the Setting up the PostgreSQL Database page.

    2. Download and extract the BellaDati WAR distribution

    • Download the regular BellaDati WAR distribution from the download page.
    • Extract the content of the archive. The archive contains these files:


    BellaDati application files in form of an web archive


    BellaDati Windows startup script.


    BellaDati Linux startup script.


    The application properties file that lets you specify the database connection and other settings.


    The server configuration file that lets you set basic server settings.

    3. Start BellaDati standalone


    On Windows, BellaDati must be run using an administrator account.

    To start BellaDati on Windows, run the belladati.bat script. On Linux, run the belladati script.

    4. Run the Setup Wizard

    Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/belladati. This starts the Setup Wizard, which will take you through BellaDati's setup procedure.

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