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You need to have Domain administrator role assigned to change BellaDati's design. In multi-domain configurations, you must have the Global admin role to change the Global appearance settings.

BellaDati allows you to change:

  • Logos
  • Favicon
  • Top and bottom menu background and text color
  • Application background color
  • Custom HTML and stylesheet
  • Custom Login page


On this page:

See the detailed whitelabeling manual here.

Global appearance settings

Global appearance can be changed by Global admin from the Configuration. To learn more, click here.

Changing look and feel of a domain

Go to Domain and select Look&Feel Settings in left navigation bar.

From the Look&Feel window, it is possible to change the following settings:

  • Logo displayed in the top left corner
  • Favicon
  • Menu color
  • Menu text color
  • Background color
  • Footer color

Users can also manually change the CSS Stylesheet or the PDF export CSS stylesheet.

While changing stylesheets we recommend to use Firefox's Firebug or Chrome's Developers Tools to identify used selectors.

Try our sample custom stylesheet



Eventually, results may look like as follows:

Adding Custom HTML

BellaDati allows you to place custom HTML at:

  • the end of the head
  • the beginning of the body
  • the end of the body

Go to Domain and select Custom HTML in left navigation bar.

Place your HTML into appropriate text box.

Custom Login page

Enable custom login and edit the HTML for your customized login page.

Here is the result:

BellaDati Dark theme

Try our dark theme and dark login stylesheet!


Custom email template

There are two ways how to customize email content.

1. If you want to set it for whole BellaDati installation, login as super admin and go to Settings - Configuration - Look & Feel box.

2. For one domain - login as domain admin, go to Manage Domain - Look & Feel box on left side of screen. This also overrides settings for whole installation.

For both options there are three parts which you can customize:

Email template - end of head - if you want to customize head of the template, add you code here.

Email template - beginning of body - if you want to override the default header, add you code here.

For example logo of your company can be added to header with this HTML code:

<p><img src=""/></p>

Email template - end of body - if you want to override the default footer, add you code here.

For example some information about your company can be added in footer:

<p>Company name</p>
<p>Company address</p>

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