This section is for the OnPremise installation users only. If you are using the Cloud version, the Facebook Connector is ready and you dont't need to do any configuration changes.

    Creating Facebook Application


    To be able to access Facebook Insights (via the Open Graph Protocol), you need to create a Facebook Application. All you need is to configure the application domain and callback URL, which corresponds to the URL, where is your BellaDati instance running.

    Here is how it can look like


    Once you have created an application, you will receive the:

    • Application ID
    • Application Secret



    This parameters must be defined in the application.properties file of you OnPremise installation. To edit application properties: 

    1. Login to BellaDati
    2. Select Settings from the Main Menu 
    3. Navigate to Configuration 
    4. Scroll to Facebook table 
    5. Click Edit in ApplicationID row and paste your ApplicationID 
    6. Click Edit in ApplicationSecret row and paste your Application Secret

    7. Restart BellaDati

    Next Steps