Please, make sure to get familiar with Setting Date Interval before proceeding with this section. Note, that adding multiple intervals is allowed only for Table views.

    When creating Table view, you can define multiple Time intervals or write special Table formulas.

    Adding time interval

    To add new time interval go to Table settings and:

    • Click Add time or formula, if you have not applied any interval yet.
    • Click Time and formulas, if you have already applied time interval(s).



    You will see list of current time intervals. To add new time definition, click Add time interval. You will be prompted with popup window similar to one in Setting Date Interval .



    After settings confirmation, table will be extended with defined intervals.


    Use time intervals to display data with various date/time granularities. For example: Display data broke-down by months and total year.

    You can see table with Current Month and Last Year in Months definition bellow.

    Date Interval Appearance

    Click on Appearance Settings button next to Date Interval definition. It allows you to set up:

    • Color
    • Bold values
    • Avoid conditional formatting
    • Emphasise only